Oriental Rug Repair & Alterations

Reweaving Rug Border

Old world techniques to restore your cherished works of art

Northside provides the finest rug repair services in the Pittsburgh area.

Our weavers use traditional Old World techniques to restore your cherished works of art. Oriental rugs are usually either knotted with pile or woven without pile by skilled workers from different cultures, and classified by origin. We re-weave and repair Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and fine rugs from many other parts of the world.

Our master weavers are trained to identify the type of rug and to match fibers, dyes, and patterns, and can repair even the toughest rips and tears. There are over 64,000 variations in rug weaves. No matter what complex weaving pattern is necessary, we can match it and your restore your heirloom Oriental rug like new.

Reweave: Back View

Experienced weavers on staff

Having experienced weavers on our staff provides a unique service to our customers. Through many years of experience, we use our hand re-weaving solution to make the repair, without cutting or just using a patchwork-style repair.

The cleaning of Oriental rugs and carpets is a tedious process, especially since the rugs are made of jute, a fabric that can easily fade onto the bindings and fringes. We hand-wash Oriental rugs to minimize the chance of fading. Our experienced weavers that can reconstruct any fringed edgings, all sewn by hand.

Binding, Fringing & Alterations

Do you have an antique Oriental rug that is too large for your home? Northside's expert weavers can trim it down to the size you need, salvage your favorite part of the design, bind the edges and add hand-sewn fringe for a traditional finish.

Whether you fall in love with an ornate pattern or just can't find the right size rug for your home, we can bind almost any style or pattern. We can also trim a new Oriental rug down to make it fit your space.

Fringing gives Oriental rugs their traditional tassel edge on each end. We can replace worn or damage fringes to match the rug and make it look like new again.

Pet Urine Removal and Cleaning

We love our pets and consider them to be an important part of the family. So we understand that, no matter how well trained, pets can have an occasional accident on the rug.

Pet accidents can result in damage to your Oriental rugs, including: discoloration and/or removal of fiber colors, weakening of seams and bonding caused by the moisture that may not be immediately detected, and odor.

At Northside we provide a deep cleaning, washing, and soaking process, not just a surface wash. Our expert technicians have worked with chemists to develop cleaners that are appropriate for use on both Oriental rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. An important step in our process involves placement of your rug within our Ozone Room for a minimum of forty-eight hours to assist with the removal of orders from the rug fibers.

(Please note that removal of all odors from your carpet cannot be guaranteed.)

Reweaving water damaage

Water Damage Restoration

Leaks or flooding in your home or business can cause significant damage to your Oriental rugs. When it comes to antique or heirloom rugs, the sentimental value can be worth more than money.

Here at Northside Carpet & Oriental Rugs, we receive many requests for rug restoration due to water damage.

After a discovery meeting with you, to learn more about the situation and source of contamination and type of water damage, we engage a multi-step process that includes: thorough wash, sanitizing, and timed drying. We also evaluate any damages sustained to the bindings and / or fringe, and evaluate the degree of anticipated re-surging of the rug fibers.

Spot Cleaning an Oriental Rug

Spots and Spills

Celebrations or just everyday life at home can lead to accidents on your rugs. Our proprietary cleaning process can remove spots and spills before they become stains.

We will gladly evaluate the source and the damage to your rug provide our expert opinion on the condition of the spot and spill, condition of the rug, including any fringe and bindings, and if extraction is recommended as a solution.

We then engage our multiple-step process to wash, clean and sanitize your rug. We also recommend that you consider use of a soil retardant on your rug to prevent future spills from soaking into the rug.

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